Healthy Halloween Hacks and a Teeth Whitening Giveaway!

When temptation calls… that’s right Halloween is upon us, and whether you’re going out trick or treating or hitting up the big Halloween party, you’re bound to be surrounded by a stash of ‘mini’ treats.
So I wanted to share with you my 3 BEST WAYS to sleep guilt free after what can be a scary season 😉

You can use these tricks during ANY season or holiday!

  1. Plan for it! Have a Halloween party? Pre-plan what you are going to have, or the night of with the kids. Write it out as if you already have been successful. Just having that plan of attack will help you keep on track, without the guilt, and also knowing you CAN still enjoy a little, which brings me to next hack:
  2. Three Bite Rule: You never want to be totally ‘ice cold’, or insult a host, so I go for the 3-bite rule, allow yourself 3 bites, this works in many scenarios, from cake to a candy bar- 3 polite bites, you can taste it, enjoy it, savor it, then step AWAY, and hide the candy bag – also works for the kids!
  3. FREEZE it: ever bite into a frozen candy bar? If you don’t break a tooth, the brain freeze will slow you down I not keep you away. Don’t tempt yourself by keeping them out on the kitchen table, or in a pretty jar. FREEZE them. You won’t see or smell the candy, and having wait long enough t dive in will help you from impulse eating and may allow you to curb the craving and decide on a healthier, or even non-food choice (bc you do have to ask yourself, are YOU RELALY hungry? Do you really need this)?

Now for the GIVEAWAY! Watch the Video

ALSO MY TOTAL Halloween Guide filled with Workouts and Yummy healthy pumpkin and low calorie “treat recipes” is all on my website and when you sign up for my newsletter I’ll send you the guide!

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