High Intensity Pilates Workout + Around the World Abs and Butt

High Intensity Pilates Workout + Around the World Abs and Butt

An injury led me to find this, and I was so excited I HAD to incorporate it into the FSS life!
Recently, when I was down with an injury and not able to perform my normal, crazy intense workouts, I was having pent up energy and decided to use it to try new things (yes, try NEW workouts too).

I admit, I have been known to detest pilates (too slow, never ‘felt it’, blah blah blah), and refused to do it. However, everything DOES happen for a reason right? My injury was such that I literally couldn’t do anything that required standing.

So, after spending mindless time searching options I found something called HIP, which stands for High Intensity Pilates.

Now, let me tell you, the ‘pilates’ part didn’t sound that promising, but the high intensity part intrigued me.

I started, and ladies and gentlemen, I have never experienced a workout like this, it totally rocked me, in ALL different ways. I used muscles I didn’t know I had, and the result was complete and utter blissful physical exertion fatigue!

I’ve started incorporating many of the moves into my daily workouts.

High-Intensity Pilates Workout

This week I invited my favorite HIP instructor to show us a high intensity pilates workout we can do at home!

This workout specifically targets your abs  & gluteus, while also working out your arms & legs. You will find that balance & cardio are also challenged. Grab a bottle of water & your favorite playlist… go outside, throw down a towel & get sweaty!

Ready? Let’s do this!

The Workout



Booty Busters, Part #1:
(Left leg)

1. High knee, bent leg, quick pulses (60 sec)
2. High knee, bent leg, power presses (60 sec)
3. High knee, straight leg, hamstring curls (60 sec)
4. *bonus* High knee, straight leg, quick pulses (30 sec)

Booty Busters, Part #2:

1. High hips, quick pulses w/ optional chest press (60 sec)
2. High hips, right leg lifted, quick press w/ optional arms (60 sec w/ 15sec hold 1/2 way through)
3. Repeat #2 with left leg lifted

Around The Globe Abs:

1. Stacked ankles (left over right) caged head crunches (60 sec)
2. Jack Knives laying on right side (60 sec w/ 15 sec hold 1/2 way through
3. Super Hero (60 sec)
4. Jack Knives laying on left side (60 sec w/ 15 sec hold 1/2 way through
5. Stacked ankles (right leg over left) caged head crunches (60 sec)
6. *bonus* Bananas (30 sec each leg)


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