Top 3 Fitness Concerns this Holiday

I have an important conversation going on with one of my personal coaching groups, which I felt I needed to share because I know it’s something we all face in our own way.

First, this conversation actually came about because several of the members asked to extend our program BECAUSE of how worried they were about the upcoming holidays, and more specifically how they could navigate through them while keeping their goals in check AND still enjoy every bit of the season.

I was surprised to find out that every single person I have spoken to, when digging deeper, seems to be experiencing similar sources of anxiety over the holidays.

Here were the top 3 concerns:

  • How am I going to keep consistency in my workouts when it’s tough enough in regular life?
  • How to keep from over-indulging at all the dinners, parties and get-togethers?
  • How do I avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain?


Can you resonate with any of these? If so, welcome to being a normal human in 2017.

I definitely don’t have all the answers in life, or even come close, but I DO have the answers to these specifics concerns, and they are much simpler than you may think.

While I could give you a whole GUIDE of tips and tricks (and do have that HERE).

The quick and simple answer is this: Treat every event, meal and day just like ANY other when it comes to your fitness and exercise routine. YEs, that’s IT. Sound too simple? Think about it.

For example, on Thanksgiving, WHY do you need to overload until you can no longer move? I’m not saying to  need to diet or deprive – rather just do what you do at any other meal. Turkey is actually a nice lean protein – just keep your meal to regular proportions. If you love mashed potatoes and gravy, then have a little less of the pumpkin pie. You don’t have to gorge yourself just because it’s there.

Same goes at any gathering – stick to what you would do on any evening or event. For example, if you have a holiday cocktail party on a Thursday, approach it no differently than your usual post work happy hour. Stick to what you would do there, for example: Two glasses of wine, one bottle sparkling water and half of one appetizer of choice. When you make it a pre-meditated decision, you don’t even have to think about it and you’re more likely to stay on track AND still have a great time.

Plus you never feel guilty or deprived and you shouldn’t, the holidays, and life in general should not equate socializing and good times to feeling guilty.

Will there be temptations to over do it? Of coarse, but that’s NO different than any other event, party, place or time of year.

You see, we have been programmed to think that holidays means we will inevitably be on ‘holiday’ from our exercise and normal eating habits, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Stop associating holiday as a free pass to go buck wild with every night out, potluck meal, extra treat, and by god, skipping workouts. If there is anything you should be able to stick to its your workout routine!

All of my workouts are 40 minutes or less and require no equipment, because my life, and those of so many of our members, is such that everyday norm entails the chaotic number of events, indulgent opportunities and travel schedules usually associated with the holidays.

So I made you this Holiday Guide – here it is, from workouts to tips and tricks to get and keep you in the spirit AND keep your waistline in check!

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