Hot Hot Body Backyard Workout – 8 Min


Summer comes and goes WAY too fast to miss out on any of it!

So how do you maximize it? I gotta tell you, even I am finding it hard to justify going to the gym or any inside studio when it’s so beautiful outside.

Solution: Don’t go to the gym!

If you’re a gym rat – I’m giving you an assignment: take a BREAK from the gym, and get into BETTER shape. Changing things up is the key to change and success.

If you are doing the same thing week in/week out, you are gaining diminishing returns!

Today do something DIFFERENT!

Tomorrow, next week, next year you will be glad you started TODAY!

But What? Here’s a Total Body Cardio/Strength Interval Workout you can do ANYWHERE outside. I’m talking backyard, front yard, park, dock, boardwalk, you name it!

What you Need:

Resistance Band or light set of dumbells (you can get one or both here)

The Workout

50 Seconds Each

1. One Leg Mountain Climbers
2. Hold Weight Crunch Ups
3. Power Knee Ups
4. Forearm Reptiles
5. Resistance Band Thigh Outs
6. Front Arm Raises
7. Plank w Alternating Leg lifts
8. Boat Pose (legs wide legs closed)

Hot Summer Body Backyard Workout

Once you make the decision to commit, and to do these workouts with intensity, you will quickly see how your life and body can change for the better!

You know what to do, you do it, you make it counts and you become your best YOU!!
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