How to REALLY Reach your Fitness Potential?

How to REALLY Reach your Fitness Potential

I know this may sound like an excuse, but….

Alright, I just have to get this out there. If you EVER start a statement with any variation of ‘…this may sound like an excuse, but….” It IS.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been guilty of it myself, but being on the receiving end of this type of statement in so many different ways, has made me acutely sensitive to it and shed some light.

This week I’m answering this question, let me preface my answer with this:

You always have time for what you prioritize.

No matter what the question, and no matter what the answer, when it comes to goals, fitness or otherwise, there is always a way to find an excuse. So this week, your brain training activity is to approach every conscious choice that you make with this fact.

You will be amazed at how much closer you get to tackling the things that matter

Now for the Question of the Week: How to REALLY Reach your Fitness Potential?

Here’s a short little video I made to answer! Watch it. Comment on it. Share it!

FOCUS! Nothing gets in your way. You need to decide what you want, what you are willing to give up, and you need to make it a priority. You have to get uncomfortable.

To reach your potential, if that’s your goal – you have to define it, put a plan in place and execute.

If you just want to ‘get by’ or be good enough, you make that decision. But if you really want to reach your genetic potential, you have to FOCUS, you have to live your life according to your goals.

Doesn’t mean don’t have a life, but it doesn’t mean you workout for 3 hours, then sit all day and eat junk.

What do you think? What’s the biggest question or concern you have when it comes to getting and maintaining fitness and healthy living? Comment Below – I LOVE to hear from you!

~Raising the Standard on what it means to be FIT!

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