How to stop procrastinating and get your dream body now!

Do you say you want to be fitter, stronger and sexier but you just don’t take consistent action?

If your answer to that question is yes, this is for you!

Often, we set goals for ourselves and stop short or never start at all.  Why is that?  For starters, we have all kinds of reasons and justifications for why we don’t follow through.

Any of these sound familiar?  

  • “I don’t have enough time.”
  • “It’s hard.”
  • “I’ll start tomorrow.”
  • “It tried before and failed.  Why bother?”

The worst part is that we really BELIEVE our excuses and reasons!

What’s your biggest excuse for not taking great care of your body and do you really believe it? Leave a comment and share it below!

Here’s the truth: On any given day, our will power is inconsistent at best. There are so many “reasonable” explanations we can come up with when we don’t follow through.  Life gets busy, stressful and doesn’t always go as we planned. So now what?

Does it really have to be that hard to just do it?

Here is the #1 step you need to take immediately to strengthen your chances of success: Ask yourself “Why is it important to me? Why do I want this?”

Now please, grab a pen and paper and write your answer. Be specific! Why is it important to take that action? What will it shift for you? How will you feel about yourself (you know those little conversations you have in your head)? Share your “why” with us in the comment section below! It helps to declare it to the world!

You MUST get connected to your deep reason. Create a gorgeous vision for what keeping that commitment will change for you.

For example, if your reason for working out is, “I want to have firmer thighs”, good luck staying consistent long term!

Why do you want to have firmer thighs? Beyond the external benefits, what else will you get? How will you feel when you follow through? What happens to your confidence when you keep consistently making progress towards your goals? How does it change your inner dialog – what you say to yourself about yourself?

Imagine how it feels in your body, mind and soul to be so proud of you. What’s it like to wake up and completely trust yourself to achieve your goal? Use that feeling, desire, emotion to help keep you focused on your “why” and stay motivated!

Post your goals below!  Check out more brain and body training techniques and motivation by signing up for our weekly newsletter here! Christine and Amanda will be your burst of positive thoughts along with solid action oriented tips for you. We got you!


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