I live by this.

i live by this

As I sit here on December 31st in a cozy old world bookstore (one of the few left) with a steamy mug of hot coffee, I am reflecting on the past year, the highlights, the hard times, the challenges, the accomplishments, and as I reflect I have this little spark of excitement knowing we are on the dawn of a fresh new year – the time when the world gives us the chance at a clean slate, a new beginning!

2015 was a BIG year, and as much as I love fitness, I have to say my first passion is for bringing people together, creating community and collaboration among people who are driven to better themselves – whether it’s personally, mentally, emotionally, physically or professionally. There is an electricity that is contagious and a synergy that builds when you are around these types of people.

But here is the thing, it’s really not a ‘type’ of person, it’s a type of thinking that a person chooses to practice.

Life is how you react to itLife is how you react to it’.

I love this, I LIVE by this.

Even more powerful, you decide HOW you want to react to life. We don’t often realize how much of a say we have over our own attitudes! You can deliberately choose your thoughts and design what you WANT to believe.

Attitude, I believe, is more important than facts. It has more influence on life than one’s background, education, financial status, situation, failures, successes, and even other people’s opinions. It is more important than appearance, giftedness or skill. Your attitude can make or break your entire life.

As I often mention, I listen to all your comments, emails, posts, and messages and the one thing that really stands out, is that you can have the best action plan for ANYTHING but if you don’t have the attitude and mental strength to follow through, it doesn’t matter.

The real question is not, what is the ‘best diet’ or magic formula? It’s having a plan, and the mindset to commit to it and make it a part of your life.

How do we Conquer the right Mindset?

It requires training and managing your mind. You need a mindset that works FOR YOU and SUPPORTS YOU in reaching goals. With the right mindset you can break through your perceived limitations with weight loss and physical exercise.

But How?

I decided to go to someone who has helped hundreds transform the way they think in order to accomplish incredible goals; internationally acclaimed life coach and former marketing executive, Christine Young. Christine is one of ‘the go-to’s’ for accomplished women who want to take their lives to the next level.

After following and seeing her work first hand, I asked her to work with me and create a fitness program that is different than any other. Together, we developed a BREAKTHROUGH program that does not rely solely on willpower, but rather TRAINS AND REPATTERNS YOUR BRAIN and sets you up for long-term change and lasting success.

I KNOW for a fact my fitness program is set up to achieve incredible results – but the bigger obstacle for most people is getting started, ending procrastination, staying committed, seeing results, and making it a way of life!

Christine and I have put our heads together and something special to help you overcome all the obstacles and train your brain.

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YOU are in charge of your mind and YOUR life. Are you ready to get behind the wheel? Let’s make THIS year YOUR BEST Year ever!

All my love and gratitude for your support, energy and spirit in 2015 and here’s to an even more amazing 2016!


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