Improve Gut Health with Gummy Bears! @SmartyHealth

I have to admit, I have been VERY skeptical of supplements. I’m sure some are very helpful, but there is SO MUCH out there how do you really know if what you are putting in your body is actually doing any good, or possibly even harming you?

Trust me, I have been approached by MANY supplement companies, and almost always turn them down (which is why you don’t see many reviews on my site for them).

However I LOVE candy, so when SmartyPants Vitamins approached me to ‘try their probiotic gummies’, I actually said ‘yes’ for the wrong reasons. You see, I really just love Gummys!

Disclosure: Smartypants has sponsored my review of their product and sent me products. However, the thoughts and information I give are 100% my own.

Did I really expect them to:

a. Taste Great?
b. Actually provide a top quality probiotic?
c. Be junk free (aka contain only premium quality ingredients?

Honestly, NO…..but

img_3447I liked the thought of justifying my next candy snack as ‘good for me’. So I tried the SmartyPants Probiotic Complete.

So Why am I writing about it? Because I actually couldn’t believe how blissfully wrong I was about my assumptions.

First of all, if you don’t already take a probiotic, I recommend trying it, not only does it help with digestion, but other benefits include.

However, these are only benefits if you have a quality probiotic! In other words, don’t throw your money away. You want a QUALITY probiotic, so make sure you do your research. The smartypants probiotic complete I thought tasted too good to be ‘good for me’, so I did some digging and found this:


img_3446Each Serving:

• Delivers 7 billion CFU’s per 2 gummies
• Contains clinically-proven strains DE111® and IS2*
• Proven 99% survivability from stomach acid
• Promotes good gut bacteria and digestive health*
• Contains Wellmune® prebiotic immune support*
• Vegetarian and Non-GMO


Don’t believe me? Give them a try. You may just have added a fun snack to your day, along with better gut health!

Do you take any supplements? If so, what do you take? I want to know!

Leave your comments below.

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