Is it your dream to feel mediocre?

I didn’t think so!

But, if you don’t put effort into training your brain to work FOR YOU, excuses and justifications can keep you stuck in that mediocre zone.

Settling for mediocrity can be tempting.  It’s easier and more comfortable to skip your workout, overeat, and procrastinate taking action and think, “I don’t feel great but it’s not horrible”.

We get used to tolerating all kinds of things in life and have a list of reasons why it’s OK or even HAS TO BE THAT WAY.

I promise you weren’t put on this earth to feel mediocre in your body and live an “OK” life.

But where do you start? How do you keep focused and motivated when you “don’t have time”, “it’s the weekend” or “everybody else is doing it”? Besides, you can always start tomorrow right?

Your body is a great place to start training your brain to push through mediocrity.  It’s your personal foundation; your home and you take your body with you everywhere.  Plus, the connection between your mind and body is extremely powerful.

When you feel proud of how you take care of YOU and trust yourself to do so consistently, it has amazing affects on other parts of life.

It’s really not all about how you look, what jeans you fit into or what kind of willpower you have.  It’s about what else would shift in your life and how differently you could show up everyday if you felt great in your body and mind.  

What dreams would you have the courage to go for?  Where else would you stop settling for mediocrity?

Let’s start training your brain to stomp out mediocrity right now!


  • Now take a look at your list and start to challenge those reasons. What’s the real truth? Do you really not have enough time? Do you really need to skip your workout because you’re tired? Did you have to eat unhealthy because you had a bad day?


Mostly your list will be justifications or excuses you have trained your brain to really believe! Excuses keep you in the mediocre zone where you don’t have to put in too much effort or do something that’s uncomfortable.

You owe it to yourself to feel and be your best each day.

Train your brain to support you on the journey. Be deliberate and decide what YOU want to think.

Life is much better on the other side of mediocrity!