Killer 10 Min Body on FIRE Workout

Killer 10 Min Body on Fire Workout

This week, it’s straight to the point – you are busy, so get straight to it: Killer 10 Min Body on Fire Workout

If now is not a good time, copy this video link and schedule it on your calendar. This proves that you can burn as much in 10 minutes as you can in 60min of traditional steady state cardio, and you will continue to burn more AFTER you finish.

So here it is:
Either hit PLAY and get endorphin rocking on fire!
Or Copy this link and schedule it on your calendar.Get It Here

There is no reason you can’t do 10 minutes at some point in your day.

Think about it, it’s more than just exercise, it’s a catalyst to positive change for your entire day, week, body, life.

If you wait to feel ready, you will never start. Don’t wait for motivation to arrive – take action!

The Workout:

What You Need: Your body, big energy and water to hydrate!

Circuit One
3 Exercises @ 30 seconds each for 3 rounds = 5 Minutes

• Jacks with Med Ball Twist
• Standing Cross Body reaches
• 180 Jumps

Circuit Two
• Footballers
• Push Up position (jump in opposite foot to hand)
• 2 punches + 2 tuck jumps

Keep this in mind when you start:

killer workout

When you finish? how do you feel? Share your comments with me – I love hearing from you! #loveyourbody #fitstrongandsexy

~Raising the Standard on what it means to be FIT!


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