TRUE FITNESS: Killer Cardio 10 Min

Killer Cardio Insanity Workout

Have you ever laid in bed in the morning (or anytime), and thought ‘I just can’t wait to jump out of bed and get completely uncomfortable, breathless and sweaty’?

If you answered ‘yes, that’s me’ – no need to read this, simply skip ahead to the KILLER CARDIO workout below which will achieve all of the above!

If the answer is ‘no’ –or ‘heck no’! You are not lazy, you are normal – so can you still motivate to get serious fitness results?

Absolutely.  Here’s the deal: it is not human nature to want to be uncomfortable, in fact we will go to great lengths to avoid temporary discomfort, even if it means sacrificing long term misery.

That may sound dramatic, but it’s true.

Think about it, how many of us will find any reason possible to get out of a hard workout (or any workout), but yet are unhappy with their figure or body image?

Whoever said success is struggle-free is completely off in my opinion. Think about some of the things common public considers to be proud achievements….

  • Running a marathon ….
  • Raising a child…..
  • Starting a business..,

Notice none of these things are easy, or struggle-free?

With fitness, it is no different!

Stop hiding behind excuses and obstacles and start putting the effort in.

It’s a new Day – I’ve even got a daily plan for you to follow here (sign up first to get your copy of the February 2016 Calendar), AND the workout videos to do along with me. I highly recommend having a plan, now it’s up to YOU to put the ‘work’ in!

Killer Cardio 10 Min Workout

Circuit One

3 Exercises @ 30 seconds each for 3 rounds = 5 Minutes

  • Burpee Switchbacks
  • Plyo Squat Kicks
  • One Leg Mtn Climber

Circuit Two

  • Pike Jumps
  • Spider/Stand Combo
  • X-Country Skier Plyo Jumps

IF you finished, make sure to do a quality cool down (do one with me here), and if you like this killer series. Try this killer ab attack workout!

Leave your love below and keep raising the standard on what it means to be FIT!


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