LAZY Girl Workout Prescription

lazy girl workout

I wasn’t going to write today because I just wanted to take the day completely off, disconnect, and not even get dressed, I even pondered ordering food directly to my bed.

You know that feeling?
A lazy Sunday every once can be a great re-charger, and relaxation does not mean you are lazy.

However, if it’s not a ‘Sunday’ (whatever day of the week that is for you), and you need to magically invigorate your mind and start walking on sunshine – there is a WAY.

There are actually a few ways, and depending on you, your unique personality and even the mood you are in, it may take a few different tips to test our, or a combination, but I’m telling you – they make all the difference:

First: Determine if you are lazy or just plain overwhelmed. Everyone experiences day’s where they are just plain tired, unmotivated, overwhelmed by work… that does not necessarily mean you are lazy!

You know, that moment when you have so much to do and you decide to take a nap?

Lazy Girl’s Workout

Alright, with this, I am pretty much bringing the workout to YOU, wherever you are! Too tired to leave your house? Weather too bad for an outdoor workout? Don’t like or feel like the gym? No Problem! I know you have a bed or a couch, and 5 minutes, so do this workout with me!

The Workout:

  • Push-Ups -10
  • Bridge Ups- 10
  • One leg hip raises (10 each side) – using side of bed or coach
  • Traveling Push-Ups -10
  • Tricep Dips w Kick – 10
  • Anti-Gravity Double Elbow (10 each side)
  • Hand-Stands – 10
  • Squat Pulses on tip toes until it burns

-Raising the Standard on what it means to be FIT!


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