Amazing Thigh & Butt Workout

Do you feel like you are carrying a bit of extra weight in the ‘thigh’ region? If so, I’ve got good news for you today! The first point is that it’s totally normal. For most of human history, having extra fat stored was actually helpful, especially for women of child-bearing age. The thighs became a natural place for this fat to be stored.

Fast forward to today, and this is, well, not so helpful. Our activity level and diet makes it very easy for excess fat storage to pile up in the thigh (and butt), and with this comes….cellulite.

But, here’s the good news; Fighting thigh fat is far from impossible. Matter-of-fact, follow this dedicated lower body workout and you’ll be well on your way towards slimmer, healthier thighs! (but please read disclosure below)

The Workout: Best Thigh & Butt Body Circuit

Exercise Recap

  • Reverse Linge Kick-Ups
  • Hip Lifts
  • Standing Stick Series
  • Squat Jumps

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Important Disclosure: It will take more than simply one workout to achieve long term results. You need a 360 degree approach which includes consistent daily exercise (the right kind), and a healthy diet aimed to reduce the foods that contribute to fat storage in these problem areas.

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Trust me, I get it – exercise is tough enough, but exercising without knowing it’s going to work, or if it’s the best plan for you, makes it even harder. So, stop guessing, make the commitment and let me coach you to your dream body and a healthier lifestyle!

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