Low Impact/No Jump Workout!

Lower Leg Injury? Best Low Impact/No Jump Workout!

I have been personally struggling with a naggy lower leg injury, and I know I’m not alone. Being sidelined and off your normal routine is frustrating. Not just because you can’t get your usual workouts in and you’re enduring pain BUT the fear of losing your fitness level is common. I know I feel this way too.

However this workout I specifically designed and am doing with a calf injury.
No impact, no jumping, but still hitting all your muscle groups and getting in some pain-free cardio intervals!

The Workout

50 seconds on + 5-10 second transition

  • Warrior Lunges
  • Front kick both legs + squat down
  • Side Plank Opens
  • 3 boxer twists + kick
  • Tricep Push Up-Vinyasa–Dog series
  • Super Hero Pulses
  • Bow Pose T-Twists (hands to floor)
  • Hip Drops
  • Chair Pulses
  • Leg Cross Hip Ups


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