Lucky 13 Total Body Workout

This week, let’s get super toned and sexy with this total body workout!

Cardio can be done on the treadmill or elliptical BUT you can easily raise the heart rate (which is all that cardio is) by doing so many other exercises! If you add resistance training to the mix… EVEN BETTER!  Did you know that you can burn calories for up to 48 hours after doing resistance training?!

burn calories

You don’t even need a weight room for this one, just a chair, some small weights (or soup cans, whatever you have lying around the house) AND your own bodyweight.  This combination of exercises will help sculpt, tone and shape those SEXY legs, arms and abs!



The Workout:

*20 reps of each exercise:

  • Jumping Jacks
  • Push-ups
  • Back Lunge + kick
  • Repeat on other leg
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Super Heroes
  • High Knees
  • Chair Tricep Dips
  • Squat + Press
  • Side Plank w/ Leg Lift
  • Repeat on other side
  • Defined Crunches
  • Repeat on other side


How did you do?!  Ready to go another round!! Leave a comment below and tell me how you did! Don’t forget if you want to do this workout with me in real-time then join my FitStrongandSexy community.  As a member you’ll have access to the full length version of this workout and sooooo many more.  Not to mention fitness plans, food plans, inspiration and motivation that will help you become your most fit, strong and sexy self!


Special Shout Out to Danielle Bouchard

Danielle Bouchard was chosen as our 2nd place winner in the Search for the Next FitStrongandSexy Trainer and designed this workout which is all about using compound movements like squats and lunges that target the largest muscles of the body (which also leads to more fat burning as well). These movements paired with basic body weight cardio exercises make this the perfect all-around total body burner! Because it only uses basic equipment, this workout can easily be done at home, at the park or in the gym, pretty much anywhere!



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