Maintaining Workout Motivation in Cold Weather – 5 Tips

Maintaining Workout Motivation in Cold Weather – 5 Tips

Question (#FSSQ) from @Lindsey Christopher: What are some tips for maintaining your motivation? Especially as it get colder, sometimes all I want to do is curl up under a blanket instead of doing my workout.

#FSSAnswer: So true, but like anything, it’s 98% in your head and how you think about it and prepare for it! Here are a few of my Cold Weather Specific Tips:

1. Make an investment in some good cold weather workout clothing, such as a dry-fit, breathable jacket, and a headband and gloves for your extremities when it’s below freezing.Plus a good outfit is always a good motivator! Check out this chic, yet functional, Hooded Run Tee by Splits59.  I also can’t get enough of these arm warmers by Out Incorporated!

But for a GO-TO must have staple for anything outdoor from walking and running to an early morning drive to the gym, these Under Armour Fleece Womens Gloves are essentials!

2. Make the Season Work for you, do something seasonal and fun. Plan at least one outdoor activity per season, or better yet, month. Ex. a snowy winter walk or snowshoe with a friend followed by hot cider or tea!

3. Check IN – There is some productivity is social media. If you post the workout that you’re going to do, or simply that you’re headed to exercise, not only will you inspire others but you’re more likely to actually follow through. Don;t want to post on your own page? That’s what FSS is for, post your chosen workout on the FSS Facebook page so you can hold yourself accountable and garner support 🙂

4. Plan a Vacation or Date which requires you to wear something that will get you motivated. It’s easy in cold weather to hide behind baggy layers, but just knowing  you have to get into a snug fitting dress or bathing suit, will keep you motivated to get sweating when you aren’t feeling it.  p.s. skinny jeans are always unforgiving, even in winter months, keep them handy for inspiration when you need it.Cold? The cold months we spend so much time either being cold outside or cooped up sedentery inside. Exercise will get you warm and energized no matter how cold it is outside!

5. Lastly, as much as you DON’T want to get out of bed, or get started, simply reminding yourself how much BETTER you will feel and the proceeding results is motivation in ITSELF! Raise the standard ladies and let’s sweat it out!!

Let me know how you push yourself through the cold months and maintain your workout routine in the comments below!

Your Coach and FSS Sister,

Amanda Russell