Motivation is only part of the equation….

“Discipline is choosing between what we want now and what we want MOST.”

So many people believe that what’s keeping them from their dreams and goals is lack of motivation – I used to think that too.


But from my intense fascination with exercise, fitness and the psychology behind that, I realized this is not quite the case (in my opinion).


You see, I think motivation is the easier part. Motivation is what it takes you to START something. It’s discipline commitment that keeps you going, keeps you pushing forward when it gets hard. It’s what not only gets you out of bed or started but what makes you power through, and then get up and do it again and again and again.


This workout is the ULTIMATE test of discipline and perseverance! It is only 3 exercises, but they are intense and you are aiming for 5 rounds!


I don’t expect you to do all 5 rounds the first time, but to work up to that. It’s hard, it will take perseverance and commitment. Doing this routine one or two times is great; but to see results, to break through mental and physical limits, you have to KEEP coming back to it!

Just starting? Try one round this week and add round every time you do this!

Ready to test train to have a fitter, strong sexier mind and body?

Let’s GO!!

Hot HIIT Workout: High Intensity No Equipment Workout Challenge
Raising the Standard on what it means to be Fit

~Love, Amanda

Work towards Fitter, Stronger, Sexier HERE!

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