Motivation Talk- You can Change your life

motivation talk

p.s. Summer Body Challenge Announcement Below

Hey guys!

Today I want to talk to you about one of my favorite quotes of the moment.

“You have the power to change your life. At any given moment”

This one means a lot to me because a lot of us get stuck living lives we think, and KNOW can be better. Whether it’s a more fulfilling career, a better financial state, more meaningful personal relationships – a better body, increased confidence. And this applies to AL L of us, unless your life is perfect, and if it is, please rename yourself God and share your secrets.

Why do we get stuck? Because more often than not, the greatest things require pushing the envelope, getting outside of our comfort zone and making sacrifices that aren’t easy, so we default to stay within our comfort zone, or a place we feel is safe.

You have to take a moment and remove yourself from the situation and understand that you do have control over your life.

And ask yourself, what do you want more? It’s ok if you are content with where you are. But if you’re not you need to put your own power comes into play.

YOU are the only one in your life who can make things happen for yourself.

You just have to want it and want it bad enough.

We use excuses to shield us from taking chances on the unknown, or doing things that make us uncomfortable. We use excuses to avoid the risk of failing.

And…that becomes a barrier to achieving your own success.

You are holding yourself back!!

Why would you sabotage yourself like that?

Why are you scared?

If you want to live deeply and fully, you have to be ok with all that comes with it . You will fall, you will break bones, bruise your heart, lose your breath – but to me, it’s worth it for long term happiness. And to me happiness and success are one and the same.

I hope you like these motivational pep talks. Let me know if you want to see more! It was fun to film.


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8 Week Fitness Challenge Starts April 3, 2017!!!

Also, I am leading our first EVER Fitness Challenge with one of our FSS Alumnae and now FSS Coaches, Nicole Graham. Nicole has lost over 90lbs in 9 months and she looks and feels AH-MAY-ZING- and wants to share this with others and help others do that same!!! If you are looking to lose weight once and for all, or get super fit for summer:

Here’s what it’s all about.


  1. Go to to join a community of people who are ready to lose weight, tone up and support you on your journey!
  1. Sign Up and post your introduction and goal on our private 8 Week Challenge facebook page for people joining the challenge!
  1. WEIGH IN START: April 30th is the official starting weigh-in date! Get in a bikini and take a before picture too! Then start training hard and eating clean. You’ve got this!
  1. FINAL WEIGH IN: June 25th is the ending weigh-in date. Again, get in a bikini and take an after picture for memories! At this point you will be EXCITED to jump into that bikini!


Every single week starting March 30 until April 30th, I will be giving away a $65 gift card to shop for the person who invites the most friends to the 8 Week Challenge. These are the weekly Valuable Influencers (VI’s).

Then at the end of the game, I will announce who the overall Valuable Influencer is and that person will win the GRAND PRIZE which is a Gift Box Delivery valued at over $350, including my favorite French perfume: MAIR, a full set of at home workout equipment, super Chic FSS custom iPhone case, Thermal Travel Mug, and much more!

So…encourage your friends and family to do this with you! Here’s the truth, the more people you have around you who support you, and have a common vision, the more successful you will be…and the more successful they will be too!

~Raising the Standard on what it means to be Fit!