New Year… NEW BOX!! A Review of the Lean Clean Green Box from Babbleboxx

Fit, Strong and Sexy - Lean Clean Green Box Review

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With the New Year upon us, and intentions to make positive changes, set new goals and aim for a year of increased growth, success and happiness, it was the perfect time to partner with BabbleBoxx to try out some products. BabbleBoxx sent me a curated box of wellness goodies so I could be ready to conquer my 28 Day NEW YEAR Fitness challenge AND elevate my daily life throughout the rest of the year.

Fit, Strong and Sexy - Babbleboxx

The products I received from Babblebox:

  • Waterpik
  • CW Hemp
  • G-Shock S Series
  • The Synergy Company
  • Primal Life Organics

Waterpik Original Shower Massage

Fit, Strong and Sexy - Waterpik Shower HeadImagine my surprise when I pulled a showerhead out of my Babbleboxx! First I was confused by what it was, then I read that it was a ‘shower massage’, and immediately ripped it open, and no joke, headed for the shower. I am prone to VERY tight muscles, specifically in my neck and shoulders (thank you laptop), and my hips and lower back (thank you scoliosis). It was actually super simple to swap out my showerhead, and I have now turned my shower into a luxury experience. There are several different spray options, so I’m adding excitement to any shower.

What I’m not sure about is how it would work if you have different water pressures in your house, but our water pressure is really good, so I am equipped with a superior experience. My only fear now, my water bill may skyrocket as I don’t want to get out of the shower. Ha!

To find out more about getting your own check out the below:
Shower Head: head/lp/powerpulse/
Hand Held: head/products/hand-held/YAT- 963T/

CW Hemp

Fit, Strong and Sexy - Charlotte's Web HempWhen I saw the clean and sleek Charlotte’s Web packaging I loved the name immediately and thought it was just some nice moisturizer, salve and ‘good for the skin’-type of oil. THEN I realized it was actually hemp extract. So I did a little research, and was truly enlightened! As someone with a history of training HARD, I’m always trying to figure out how to recover faster, and the benefits toted by both everyday people and athletes made me want to try it asap.

Here are some quick facts about CW Botanicals Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract:

    • It is a cannabidiol (CBD)
    • It has many potential health benefits for athletes and those leading active lifestyles, including its uses as an anti-inflammatory, an anti-oxidant, and for improved recovery time.
    • Other possible health benefits include that it helps restore balance in body, promotes general wellness.
    • This is a Whole Plant Hemp Extract.
    • Charlotte’s Web TM is a dietary supplement
    • It contains coconut oil and organic flavorings
    • Dosage (for the oil): take between 2 – 3 full droppers before and/or after working out or being active

Thus far, I have been rubbing both the salve and moisturizer onto my ever-tight quads and hamstrings and it has a relaxing and calming effect. I’ve only had 1 day of the oil, so a little soon to see the effects, but I like the mint chocolate flavor in a chocolate smoothie. I’m going to keep up with it as the reviews of benefits are truly amazing, and Charlotte’s Web has my heart, not only because they are acclaimed as the World’s most trusted brand of Hemp Extract, but also because they are a lovely family-owned company from Colorado!

If you’d like to order your own , Charlotte’s Web is extending a discount of 10%, click here and use this code at checkout: BABBOXAC8JSFSF6DR7

Note, hurry it expires 2/15/17

G-Shock Series

Fit, Strong and Sexy - G-Shock WatchAnd in the box, there was a pretty pink watch! But not any watch, this is a serious looking watch, and day one received quite the compliments at the gym. As a runner, even though I no longer run, I time everything! From walking to the super market, to my abs routines – this watch has already replaced by usual stopwatch, and I’m setting new fashion trends wearing it. The biggest BONUS – it’s SO simple, I am so over all the overly techy gadgets and watches. Half the time they don’t work, or they take more time to set up than I want to deal with. This is super simple, sleek and serious helpful, especially in tracking my movement throughout the day!

For more information check out:

The Synergy Company Matcha Powder and Capsules

Fit, Strong and Sexy - Synergy Company Matcha Powder and CapsulesI personally stay away from energy drinks, formulas and supplements as they give me the jitters and make my heart race. However, I have known the power of matcha since I was a young girl when I was dealing with health issues and prescribed matcha powder. The energy it provides is a miracle and doesn’t give you the jitters like even coffee can. Additionally, it has powerful detoxifying effects on the body (10 times more than green teas and superfoods).

The issue has always been finding pure high quality matcha on the market. So, I analyzed hard and was delighted to find that The Synergy Company is the real deal – they use all natural, organic, ceremonial-grade. I am so grateful they sent me this, and rediscovered the power of matcha!

p.s. If you don’t like the matcha powder, the capsules are amazing! Get some for yourself:

CHARCOAL (aka BLACK) toothpaste!! (by Primal Life Organics)

Fit, Strong and Sexy - Primal Life ToothpasteThis product may have excited me the most. I have been hearing nonstop about how people are using charcoal toothpaste (yes brushing your teeth with black charcoal to achieve shinier, healthier, whiter teeth). I have been so curious about it, but wasn’t sure how or where to try it, and then Babbleboxx came through and presented it to me, and I knew it was time to try it. Essentially, the benefits of using charcoal powder is to help make sensitive teeth less sensitive, whiten teeth, help with gum disease and especially eliminate chronic bad breath. BUT from the research I did, the brand makes all the difference.

I can’t personally compare as it’s the only brand I’ve tried, but everything I read tells me this is the #1 brand out there, and from my own experience with sensitive teeth, I found it easy to use, maybe a tad messy your first time, but ZERO sensitivity and made my breath super fresh and clean! Also, it comes with a super cute wooden toothbrush 😉 And Primal Life is offering a 20% discount on your purchase with the code: PLOBOXX217

Special thanks to Babbleboxx who sent me this box, and is always at the forefront of new and high quality products.

I’d love to know if you have tried any of these and what your experience has been!