NYC – Bye Bye Bat Wings Full Workout

There is no question Batwoman is hot! Bat Wings on the other hand, not so much.

Throw yourself into this workout and lets firm up, tone and sculpt those arms!

By alternating the strength and cardio components like in this program, not only can you move more quickly, but it also allows you to burn more calories per minute than doing either of these routines separately. For example, rather than resting between sets of side push ups, you continue working out and getting your cardio component in while allowing your arms to recover. Body shocking and efficiency at its best!

The Workout

This workout consists of sets of two exercises at a time, one strength/toning exercise followed by a cardio exercise. Perform each set twice before moving on to the next set. No rest in each set, but you do get a break between sets.

10 Repetitions – Leg Lift Push Ups
20 Seconds – Pike Jumps

10 Repetitions – Tricep Dips
20 Seconds – Plank Jacks

10 Repetitions – Side Plank Hip Up
20 Seconds – High Knees arms up

10 Repetitions – Plank Shoulder Touch
20 Seconds – V Jumps

10 Repetitions – Pike Push Ups
20 Seconds – Squat + Front Kick Toe Touches

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Your Coach and FSS Sister,