NYC – Cardio EXPLOSION Workout!

This cardio workout breaks down exercises into a very specified circuit. All my circuits have elements of strength and cardio movements, but this one is more focused on cardio and will work your body to results!

You REALLY need to focus on EXPLODING through each movement. Generate power in your lower body and perform each rep to your full potential. Do these movements as fast as your ability allows, without sacrificing your form.


The Workout:

Cardio Explosion Circuit: If not working out with me in this video, this workout is easily timed with a Gymboss Interval Timer and for this one, you’ll need the miniMax.

3 Sets  x 1 minute:

  • Tuck Jumps – 1 min
  • Walking Push-Ups – 1 min
  • Mountain Climbers 1 min

30 second rest

Repeat Circuit 2 more times!

Total Time:10 minutes

YES, in 10 minutes you can total work every muscle, burn calories, blast fat and set your metabolism on fire. Make sure to fuel yourself pre and post workout correctly so your body recovers, repairs, and rebuilds.