NYC – Deep Tissue Abs and Arms Workout!

This workout is all about targeting your upper body while working your abs. I wanted to come up with a workout that didn’t have too many moves but was just as effective. These moves force you to engage the muscles in your arms. The tension plank is an isometric move (meaning your muscle length does not change during contraction) and is perfect for really sculpting those hard-to-target muscles of your arms and belly.

 What You Need:

-(optional) light set of dumbbells (can use 2-3 lbs) or a 1 litre bottle


  • You can replace the 1 minute of Oblique Runners with any type of cardio that suits you. I chose Oblique Runners because they target arms and core.
  • Don’t forget to focus on perfect form. Don’t be afraid to modify these moves to lower impact, if needed.

These are perfect moves to add to any other of your FSS Workouts!

The Workout

  • Side Plank Twists -10 each side
  • Top of Push-Up Plank – Opposite Shoulder Touches – 10 each side
  • Plank Spider (knee to elbow) 10 each side
  • 1 min Oblique Runners

Repeat 2 more times!

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