NYC – Long Easy Cardio


Today YOU pick your weapon of choice, and by weapon, I mean cardio! That’s right, this is your endurance cardio day, so make sure you load some good tunes on your iPod, enlist a friend, or simply leave all electronics at home and try to get in the zone! The ‘zone’ is when you allow your mind to bliss out, or tune out. This is what helps us relieve stress and if you are like me, the zone means I can go running for an hour, come back and not remember anything I thought about. OR try another mental exercise, such as visualization, and envision you achieving your goals, being strong, being happy – whatever it is – you can really use the time for YOU!

I recommend 45-65 minutes of your choice of cardio. You can also mix it up, for example 30 minutes of biking + 30 minutes of running or elliptical. Your intensity should be around 70% of your maximum effort. It should not be easy-peasy, you should sweat, but it should be controlled enough that you can maintain it for ~60 minutes. So if you are a runner, run at your normal pace for 60, a walker, walk briskly for 60. You get the idea. It is important to put in one longer endurance cardio day per week.