NYC – Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Pop

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Pop

These delicious pops are so refreshing and light! They’re a great afternoon snack after a long day at work to boost up your energy! I recommend making a big batch ahead of time and keeping theme in the freezer to always have on hand to satisfy a sweet tooth in a healthy way. They can last for about three weeks!


  • 2 cups fresh or frozen raspberries
  • 2 cups nonfat or low-fat Greek yogurt
  • Sprinkling of Stevia (optional to taste)


  • Puree raspberries and low-fat Greek yogurt to taste in a food processor until smooth. If you don’t have a processor a hand mixer is fine too.
  • Divide the mixture among freezer-pop molds, stopping about 1 inch from the top.
  • Give each pop a good stir to get out any air pockets.
  • Insert the sticks and freeze until completely firm, about 6 hours.
  • Dip the molds briefly in hot water before unmolding.
  • If you do not think the pops are sweet enough when you first make them, try sprinkling a small amount of Stevia or Truvia into the mixture before freezing next time!