NYC – All About the Thighs Workout

thigh workout

It’s all about the thighs, ’bout the thighs…. (singing this to the tune of ‘all about that bass’….;-)

Ok crew, this workout is specifically designed to trim, tone and tighten those thighs.

No gym or equipment needed – just YOU and your desire to love your legs 😉

The Workout:

(30 seconds of each)

  • Side plank leg lifts
  • Table position: donkry + donkey pulses+ kick in + kick out + circles
  • Skaters

Repeat the whole thing on the other side

NO excuses, we are raising the standard on what it means to be fit!

Don’t forget, we are posting post-workout Selfies using #FSSNewYearChallenge – so make sure to take them and post your comments in the Facebook group!

With love and Excitement,