One-Minute High Intensity Interval Workout


Inspired from an amazing workout I took from one of my personal favorite fitness instructors, this workout will knock your socks off – it definitely made me question myself and I know I’m in shape!

The goal is 3 rounds, but if it’s your first time through or you’re just getting into shape, you may want to start with just 1-2 rounds, and focus on really working every part of it!

The key is to keep coming back to it, and watch your body transform with every training – you may only be able to do part of one round, or need lots of breaks, but the more you do it, you will surprise yourself as you complete more and more, getting fitter and fitter in the process!

Remember if achieving fitness was easy, we would all be cover models 😉

If your hurdle is getting motivated, or pushing yourself, I encourage you to go through the Brain and Body Training 7 Day Bootcamp, to gain long-term results, you need a strong mind to be consistent and make it work!

Have a ‘GO’ at it – and

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What You Need:
A light set of dumbbells (5-8lbs are what I use)

The Workout Breakdown: 1 min Each (repeat 3 times)

1. 30 sec Squat + 30 Sec hi knees
2. One-Arm Elevated Push-Ups
3. Wood Chop
4. 3-Way Pike Jumps
5. Weighted Jacks
6. Plank Rotators

BONUS (finish with):

1min med ball jacks + 1 min Superman Push-Ups


I am fit and intense, and this workout even kicks my own butt!

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