The Perfect 10 Minute Cardio

The Perfect 10 Minute Cardio

I have to admit, I love routine, and as much as many of us don’t like to admit it, there is comfort in doing the same things and knowing exactly what to expect—no surprises, no fear, no thinking required. And sometimes, routine can be a very good thing.

For example, getting into a routine of getting motivated and dressed to workout out daily is great! But when it comes to the workout itself, doing the same exercise routine everyday = not so good or effective.

Not only are you likely to become bored and unmotivated, realize that your muscles also have memory. When you do the same thing all the time your body adapts and becomes more efficient at doing the same things, thus they don’t have to work as hard. The positive effects diminish in returns over time, which is why you must keep changing things up, surprising your body, keep it guessing, challenge yourself.

Think of it like a recipe, you can have all the right ingredients but if you don’t put them in the right order or at the right time, your meal isn’t going to turn out the way you want.
This is why I created the FSS monthly plan, it helps to help you chart/schedule workouts so that you know which types of workouts to do on which days, altering your workouts daily and weekly. No more hitting plateaus in your training or goals.

Not quite ready to dive in, or want to mix up your current routine, that’s where the Mix ‘N Match Workout series comes in. Pair this workout with any of the other workouts in the series to create a complete total body workout.

Also you can create based on time: one day you might have time to pair 3 to create a 30min workout, some days only 2 can be squeezed in. Regardless the constant changing and challenging will keep you getting stronger, better and more fit!

Lets do it:

What you need:
Light Set of dumbbells
Don’t have any- try two filled 1 liter bottles or cans

The Workout

Set One
30 seconds each x 2
Mountain Climbers
Front lunge to side lunge w dumbbell
Leaning one arm Shoulder Press
5 pike jumps + push up
90 degree angle front to side press

Set Two
Hand Stand Kicks
Side Arm Lifts
Front Arm Lifts
Bicep Curls
One Arm Tricep Extensions

Total Time: 10 minutes

Arms Burning?
POST your ARM poses on instagram – tag me @AmandaRussellFSS

If you want to complete the other real time workouts and learn how to schedule your workouts each week (have me mix’n’match for you), I have also made this possible – FSS Membership + also has BONUS Workouts, Fitness Plans and e-books that are exclusive to the FSS members

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