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Positive Pushback

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Creating the life that you want and reaching your highest potential is NOT about where you came from or who your parents were – and it is definitely not about beating out other people.

Through my own experience thus far, I have become fascinated with the dynamics of women, and what ‘it’ is that separates those who are confident, empowering, and successful from those who are insecure, competitive, jealous or dependent.

From the time I left home at the age of 17, I craved a friend, a mentor, or even better, female friends I could trust – people who would have my back, and vice versa.

I experienced quite the opposite and had a very hard time fitting in.mean girls I was a small town Canadian girl with no travel or world experience, suddenly infused into a prestigious liberal arts university; surrounded by well-heeled, pedigreed young women whose handbags cost more than everything I owned, and then some. I was a full scholarship student-athlete, and evidently… not one of them. It was then that I started to wonder, what sets us apart?

This continued through my years of college, post-college, and the beginning of my adult professional life. It never stops – the encounters I’ve experienced and continue to experience with women were and are binary. The more I’ve encountered and learned, the more I’ve started to recognize the stars from the toxic ones. I’ve come to realize that it is all about surrounding yourself with people who are brighter, smarter, more confident, and who radiate positive energy; while supporting them, learning from them, thinking like them and working together in unity. THAT is when you will rise above. And THAT is what will allow women in general to finally rise above what has separated us for so long.

Today more women are graduating college, and at a faster rate than ever before – it’s clear, knowledge is not the problem.

It is our attitudes, our self worth that needs to change, and only WE have the power to unite together and change our negative ways of thinking.


Most people know me for my work in fitness. I have a lifetime of experience and expertise in fitness, and am so very proud of the online community I have built. Comprised of tens of thousands of incredible women from all over the globe, the FitStrongandSexy women are rock-stars, and I love this sisterhood! But how much more powerful could it be if we combined forces with the best of others from different arenas? What if we curated some of the best minds, spirits, resources, networks, and experiences to do something bigger? With the incredible resource of Internet and today’s technology, there is truly nothing stopping us.

To get the ball rolling, I called on some of my most admired and favorite female icons and role models to help me, and thus came the birth of PositivePushback!

So what is Positive Pushback?

Five Leading Self-Made icons have joined forces to create an entertainment lifestyle platform that resonates with women of all ages, by using our individual experiences to bring together women from all walks of life and taking them on a journey. With personal and emotional connection, we will create a conversation around true self worth – the underpinning for confidence and happiness. Age and background are no longer differentiators. Our mission is to change the way we think about doing business, while growing our careers and personal lives and the lives of those around us, by uniting, supporting, empowering and helping one another.

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In a nutshell: Some of the world’s top entrepreneurs and leaders have combined forces for the first time ever to close the gap between traditional broadcast and digital media. We will report on real life, real information, and real stories with the goal to increase our followers’ self worth.

Positive Pushback is about so much more than simply a show or a website – it is a movement, and I invite you to join the ride.

Show your support: subscribe, SHARE, post, leave your comments!  This is a message that WE need to share, to uplift, to empower – it starts here, it starts with each of our individual actions.Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.41.13 PM

First Episode PREMIERES: Thursday, March 3rd at 10AM PST/1PM EST. Watch it Here.

AND, a chance to WIN a TRIP to New York City!!!

Meet the hosts of the show, and more info – all right here!

With all my love, gratitude, and excitement,


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