Sculpt Personalized Smart Fitness Trainer




  • Measure muscle quality and fat percentage accurately with the Chisel hand-held body scanner.
  • Scientifically Analyse: Analyze and map your unique physiology with the Skulpt fitness app.
  • Enhance Performance Get personalized workout and nutrition advice based on the results of your unique measurements and analysis.
  • Easy to Use Portable, splash proof, and easy to use
  • Sync wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart to your smartphone

Product Description

The Skulpt Chisel​ ​​is revolutionary!! I was one of the first to try and am was so excited i wanted to SHARE IT! It​ offers personalized workout and nutrition guidance based on your Muscle Quality and % body fat to help fine tune your workouts and reach your fitness goals.

  • Skulpt’s technology, Electrical Impedance Myography (EIM), measures body fat and muscle quality in up to 24 muscle groups.
  • Muscle quality and body fat are more closely correlated to fitness than anything else in your body, so you’ll get a thorough understanding and easy way to gauge your fitness by using this device.
    ​You can check out my full post and review on it here to learn more!​
  • After you’ve taken measurements and selected your fitness goal, Skulpt will provides tailored fitness guidance unique to your physiology. The more measurements you take, the better advice Skulpt will provide.

​Think of it like the smart personal trainer​

​You can now be one of the first to pick up the Chisel ​for only $99.

Set Contains:

The Chisel package comes with: Skulpt Aim, Charging Cradle and Cable, Travel Pouch, and Spray Water Bottle.




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