The Real 6 Pack Abs 10 minute Workout

YES you can get 6 pack abs AT HOME, without a gym, or a trainer, or any fancy equipment. The secret is in the ‘recipe’.

In fact, all fitness results are products of the right ‘recipes’. Some recipes are just better than others.

Not only do you have to have the right ingredients (aka workouts/exercises), you have to have the right directions and temperature (aka frequency of workouts , intensity and order of workouts).

When it comes to abs, this is my absolutely FAVORITE. There is no question it will work every inch of your abs in ways you didn’t know possible and is guaranteed to give you that six pack, if you’re consistent.

However, you can definitely have a six pack, but not necessarily SEE it! You see, the key to SEEING that 6 pack is losing any of the bulge sitting on top of it. To do that, you need the whole recipe!

If you are just looking to tone your already flat abs – this workout is likely all you need!

If you also have a few extra inches ‘pooching out’, let me show you a holistic plan that will not only help you shred those abs but also tone and sculpt every inch of your body, and bring your Body Fat percentage WAY down!



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Now for the Insane 6 Pack Abs Workout:

1. v-up – heel touches
2. plank with punches
3. v-ups
4. plank knee drops
5. straight leg bicycles
6. plank w leg crossovers
7. sitting sprinter
8. Plank oblique arm touches
9. Boat pose w punches
10. Hippies

Abs on fire??


YAH BABY!! We got this, and I’ve got all the support you could need, and want! Let me coach you to become the fittest strongest sexiest version of yourself with the ULTIMATE EASY TO FOLLOW ONLINE TRAINING PLAN!

~Raising the standard on what it means to be FIT!

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