The Most Requested Workout Video

If I told you the most searched subjects, when it comes to fitness on my website well, THAT is definitely interesting – I will save that for another time.
Because this email is in response to the most requested workout video.
Here is what is most often asked about/requested:

  • Highest Calorie Burning Workout
  • A Workout that is equivalent to going for a run, or in place of a run
  • Biggest Burn in shortest amount of time
  • Most effective workout for toning the WHOLE body
  • Best routine for losing weight all over

While I have a whole playlist of workouts I recommend for this – I decided to take this as the opportunity to create a new video and ask my good friend and master fitness trainer, Caroline Pearce, to help me create a new workout that directly addresses all of these.
So here it is:

The Total Body Integration Workout -Click to Watch

If you liked this workout, I’d would love love love if you shared with someone YOU love (or simply think needs it) 😉

~Raising the Standard on what it means to be FIT!