Don’t Sabotage That Sandwich! 5 Slimming Sandwich Swaps

You don’t have to live on salads to be healthy at lunch – there are INCREDIBLE Slimming Sandwich Swaps

Going back to school? Starting a new job? In either case, when noon rolls around, your best bet is to skip fast food and pack your own grub. If you’re more of a sandwich rather than a salad person, that’s all fine and dandy–just remember that your hoagie or B.L.T can easily become loaded with calories if you go light on the vegetables and heavy on the cheese, meat, and dressings.  For sandwiches that are flavorful yet still healthy, try swapping out these traditionally diet-busting ingredients for lower-calorie counterparts.



5. Instead of ham (or salami or bologna)…Low-Sodium Turkey.  Let me be clear: cold cuts in general aren’t the best sandwich ingredients but if you have to have your deli meat, go for lower sodium slices of turkey for protein without all the fat and salt.  Boring!, you say.  That’s where healthy, flavorful condiments come in. Read on…

Not all of these are created equal.

Not all of these are created equal.