Spring Clean Sunday for your Workout Routine!

Spring Cleaning

With Spring in Full Swing, it’s time to re-invigorate your body, your life, and just like your closet, your workout routine needs a check in and possibly re-vamp!
Today I’m gonna share a few tips on how to Spring Clean Your Workout Routine! And with summer is around the corner and this is the perfect time to get excited about working out!


The LiveWell360 ‘Core’

Get ORGANIZED: think of your workout like your office, the more organized and prepared you are, the better you feel and more motivated to conquer the day! The secret to this: have a bag always ready to go, in your car, your office, or by the door at your home. I am personally in LOVE with this bag (aka ‘The CORE’), which has a separate compartment for everything, from my sneakers to my toothbrush! All I have to do is switch out my sports bra, and shorts and it’s ready to go! No need to hassle with trying to plan everything I need in order to get ready for work or social activities from the gym.
REVAMP YOUR ACTIVE WEAR – Get yourself a hot new workout wardrobe that makes you feel like a million bucks! Seriously, it really helps! And throw out those uncomfortable, worn out sneakers!! Find your feet the perfect ‘sole” mates by getting fitted at a running store with a pair that will support them for the next 300-400 miles! Or check out this guide on how to find the right running shoes before you drop any $$

TAKE YOUR WORKOUT OUTDOORS – Go out there and enjoy the lovely spring weather! Why stay inside all the time or at the gym when you can go outside for a run or morning yoga? There is nothing quite so healing for the body and soul, as inhaling fresh air and feeling alive in the midst of Mother Nature’s beautiful surroundings!


Yes, that’s the Core bag, I have it in purple, but how cute is SHE?

Be Prepared At ALL Times: You never know when you can squeeze in a quickie workout, even if its in your office or bedroom! (Here are tons of workouts 15 min or less for free). I literally squeeze in half my workouts thanks to having this toiletry bag ready to go and my gym bag organized and READY!

CHANGE UP YOUR WORKOUT SNACKS – Do you always have that banana or protein shake before or after your workout? It gets a little boring after a while no? Switch it up to something both healthy and enticing so that each workout becomes something you look forward to! An energizing smoothie or protein peanut balls…be creative, and check out my website for lots of tips!

TRY A NEW SPORT – Sick of only exercising to get fit? Find the joy of fitness again by signing up for an acrobatic yoga class, a zumba class or heck, a football team! What you choose doesn’t matter, the important thing is to remember moving your body can be FUN!
EXERCISE WITH A BUDDY – Sometimes we need that extra nudge to get us going, and it often helps to have a motivational friend who makes working out something to look forward to. Find someone who makes you laugh AND who is as motivated as you are to get in shape! Having each other will help you both, since you can cheer each other on and motivate one another at times when you just don’t feel like it.

JOIN A FITNESS EVENT – Why not do something good while working out? Sign up for a local charity run or participate in a fitness challenge to keep yourself accountable! You’ll have a large support system and you may even end up with friends for life!

CHALLENGE YOURSELF – If you always end up in the same half-hearted routine, make a change.This year could be one where you really push the limits and achieve things you thought were impossible. Don’t sell yourself short this time! Set goals, write them down, announce them, and put a timer on it. You will feel beyond empowered when you realize what you can accomplish if you try! GOOD LUCK!

Print this little cheat sheet and put it above your desk or on your fridge to keep you reminded, and feel free to share it with your friends!



livwwell3oh p.s. side note, but THIS is actually my purse, work-bag, gym-bag and ‘all in one’ bag permanently. It’s the ‘TOTE’ and has been the very best investment in any ‘purse’, bag or otherwise.  If EVER you see someone who looks like me anywhere in the world, you can verify it’s me if the girl is carrying this bag – it’s practically attached to me!

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