7 Stretch Exercise Band Moves

One of the most common requests I receive is how to tone and tighten hips, butt, and thighs. This problem area can be a stubborn place to lose weight and for those who don’t necessarily want to work on it with cardio or running- I have a solution for you! I put together these 7 exercises to target just that by using only one piece of equipment- the stretch bands! This workout is especially great for someone who has weaker hips and wants to help target that. These moves help balance out symmetry in the body, especially for those that are quad heavy- runners, cyclists, etc.

Stretch exercise bands are a popular fitness trend right now because of their multi-purpose use. They help tone, strengthen muscles, improves flexibility and provides a full body workout- all in one! The forms in which to use exercise bands are very versatile as you can use them tied in a loop, as shown in the video below, or flat wrapped around hands for a secure grip or folded over for more tension. There are an endless amount of ways to use exercise bands so try whatever works best for you and just remember to have fun while doing it!

Equipment //
Yoga Mat
Stretch Bands

Workout Structure //

  • 7 moves- 20 reps of each

Workout Details

Workout Step-by-step //

  • Ankle Jumping Jacks
  • Lateral Band Walks
  • Standing Glute Kicks
  • Squat to Lateral Leg Lifts
  • Clamshells
  • Hip Bridge Pulses
  • Fire Hydrants

    Duration // 10 minutes

    Type // Toning

    Breakdown //

    1. Ankle Jumping Jacks
      Step 1 // Tie exercise band in a knot, place around ankle and perform regular jumping jacks.
    2. Lateral Band Walks
      Step 1 // Keeping exercise band around ankles, bend knees slightly and take a few lateral steps to each side.
    3. Standing Glute Kicks
      Step 1 // Stand on one leg and lift other leg up slightly behind you using micro movements with exercise band still wrapped around ankles.
    4. Squat to Lateral Leg Lifts
      Step 1 // With feet hip distance apart, squat down.
      Step 2 // When coming back up, lift leg out to the side. Repeat squat and lateral lift, alternating sides.
    5. Clamshells
      Step 1 // Lay on side with band above knees.
      Step 2 // Open legs with feet touching, and close. Open and close in micro-movements.
    6. Hip Bridge Pulses
      Step 1 // Lay with back on floor and feet on ground and exercise band still above the knees.
      Step 2 // Bring butt up towards the sky, open up legs, close back in, down and repeat.
    7. Fire Hydrants
      Step 1 // On hand and knees, with exercise band above the knees, lift bent lateral leg to the side.
      Step 2 // Switch and do other side.

    Great job!! Be sure to properly stretch your hips, butt, and thighs with a foam roller to ensure proper recovery after a workout like this that targets every muscle in your lower body. Let me know how you did below and what type of workouts you’d like to see next!

    Raising the Standard on what it means to be fit,