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First, THANK YOU, for the incredibly touching and widespread response to last week’s recording of “Very Personal – the struggle you don’t always see“.

I read EVERY message, some made my cry, some made me laugh….and ALL shared the same sentiment, that while social media is great in so many ways, it tends to project the highlights of people’s lives, omitting the challenges. We are constantly looking at how fabulous everyone else’s life is, which can spark and/or further our own insecurities.

To me this means we are lacking authenticity. While it is great to celebrate the accomplishments and ‘good times’, our society has come to focus so much on image’ that we have a distorted illusion of what life is for most people.

One of the most beautiful things about humanity is that we have the ability to relate….so why not use our experiences to empower and help others through their own situations?

Isn’t it more inspiring to know that someone like mega-star Katy Perry, put out four records before she started to ascend to stardom, versus, simply being an overnight star?

I find empowerment and motivation by listening to the experiences of others, and judging by last week’s response, I’m not alone in feeling this way.

So I want to take our relationship to the next level…..


I am going to make the commitment to share more of my own personal experiences, as uncomfortable, unglamorous and often easily ‘judged’ as they are. I hope that by letting you into my life – and sharing my own challenges, it will help you in dealing with your own.

Bottom line, I am serious about you and I value your perspective. I want to know what lights your fire, and what you want to see more of (and less of).

So I have a favor to ask:

If you can take a min and let me know:

1. What kinds of topics or additions do you want to see on the new FSS platform/website?

Ex. Could be anything from  specific training programs to fitness fashion column to podcasts, like the one I did here last week, to several different plans, an advice column, you name what you want!

….And if it’s not already on the way, I need to know!

To express my gratitude for your thought, time and care, I am offering you a $15.00 Gift Card, which you can use on anything on the new FSS site, from the shop to the videos as well as the fitness plans.


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