The BEST Post Workout Meal and WHY!

The BEST Post Workout Meal and WHY

Today, I’m tackling the topic of post workout snacks. Before I share with you my perfect post workout meal/snack, I absolutely MUST share WHY it’s important and how you can actually derail your results and keep you from your fitness and weight loss goals.

In fact, the window of time immediately AFTER your workout is one of the most critical times for taking in nutrition to garner results.

But WHY is that? Listen to this short video and you will NEVER skip a post workout snack or meal again! It’s CRAZY!

Amanda’s Perfect Post Workout Smoothie:

• 1 Cup Almond or Cashew Milk
• ½ Banana
• 2 Scoops Pure Whey Protein (in chocolate or vanilla)
• ½ Cup Ice

Put all ingredients in blender, and voila!!

Super simple, super easy, super effective!

To sum up, the nutritional portion is not something to take lightly. They are meals just about as important as the actual work you do in the gym in terms of the progress you are going to see.

For more post workouts recipes, along with an entire fitness plan, where you will know exactly which workouts to do on which days, with the video to follow along- become a Fit Strong and Sexy Member Today!

And there is absolutely no risk, if it doesn’t for you, I will personally refund you no questions asked!
Guys, it’s less than the price of a playlist on itunes!

Let’s do it!



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