The BEST Workout for August: TOTAL Body Challenger

TOTAL Body Challenger August Workout

What you Need

  • Bench or box (solid and sturdy enough to hold you)


The Workout

10 Box Hop Overs
10 Tricep Dips
= 1 Cycle

Complete Cycle total of 5 Times for time!


The key here is intensity, do NOT do this with the plan of another long winded workout after, NO! You will get more out of this short period if you simply give it EVERYTHING! You shouldn’t be able to, say, go for a run after.

It works, let me tell you!

Too many people are spending too much time and effort working out and not seeing results – the problem is not their body, it’s the type of workouts and the consistency of them!

Learn HOW to schedule your workouts and gain the perfect’ balance’ so you are maximizing your time and seeing results without spending time or money on the ‘junk time’ that’s not working.

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You got this!!

Fitness is more than exercise, it has changed my life, and the lives of so many others – I believe I was meant to pass along this message.