What is all the this Talk about ‘The Music Run’?

Well, I did it – after 8 years of thinking I would never run in an organized group race and not because I didn’t want to, but because of the intimidation and self-imposed pressure I felt came with racing, I did it.

I need to tell you about this experience, because it woke up a part of me I had missed, and it did so in a new and positive way that I think EVERY person can benefit from. I encourage you to take 3 minutes and let me explain my own story and let it inspire you to take a leap and sign up, or make a positive change propelled by a tangible action.

A friend who I greatly admire, asked me to support this new initiative called The Music Run – which involves running a 5k. To be honest, I had NO IDEA what this entailed other than a run and music. One thing I was told in advance; the experience would exceed my expectations. That’s a BIG claim, given I’ve been to countless races and organized events!

So here’s the deal, it DID exceed my expectations and it made a huge impact,– the event and experience was epic, and I believe I have to share it with you for so many reasons! First of all, it is JUST the beginning of what I believe to be a movement about to take storm across America, and the opportunity for you to participate in a city near you is REAL.stage

The energy and endorphins you gain from a running race are very hard to describe, it truly is a natural high. BUT, many people are intimidated to sign up for a race, and often the idea of ‘racing’ or ‘running’ doesn’t exactly sound ‘fun’ – right?


The Warm Up

How about going to a music concert? A Dance Party? An outdoor festival? Watching the sun set? These things are all fun, right?

The Music Run combines ALL of these things! It is not just a (supremely well organized) 5km run – it is a total experience that unites people of all ages, backgrounds, and brings them together in a way that almost nothing else does. Yes, tragedy unites and bonds people, but why must we wait for tragedy – this is a positive experience that advocates healthy living, human emotion, and bonding.

The experience begins with a ‘fair ground-type’ set up with a major concert stage and live DJ and MC rallying the energy. I went in to pick up my packet (and my awesome #livethebeat shirt), and spent some time browsing around all the booths. Shout out to all the fun free samples and games! There was also an obstacle course, a yoga station with tons of instructors, and a beer and refreshments tent (yes pre-race beer – you know it’s about camaraderie vs competition when….).

About half hour before the ‘run started, a full blown choreographed high energy group fitness team got on stage and led the crowd through the most super charged warm up of all times. I have to admit it was more like a dance routine, and my uncoordinated self even got into it!

The race is set to go off right at sunset, and glow bands are given out, and every participant decks themselves out with glow stick head bands and wristbands, and the MC, or more like, motivational leaders, get the crowd so energized and excited, people are literally supercharged BEFORE the race even begins.

the music run

This little girl won my heart, Tianna is just 3 years old and ran it with her mom! There was kids of all ages, and a stroller brigade – #NOEXCUSES

Here is the best part: the actual run – YES! There is nothing like it, even if you don’t like to exercise, it’s hard not to get caught up in this. EVERY single inch of the course is choreographed to music. No headphones needed, we all feel the beat together. It’s like running through a music concert, and you run through different genres! From Rock and Pop to country, dance, hip-hop and beyond.

Think hundreds of people glowing (literally), on an outlined course, all lit up along the way with incredible music, where you’re energized by the beat – it gives you chills!

And when you cross the finish line, with your proud, endorphin rocking energy – it’s officially Saturday night and the concert on the main stage is in full swing. People are all high-fiving each other, dancing, chatting and enjoying the post-race buzz, the music and the energy of being outside with so many amazing people!


I actually invited my business partner, who is the first to tell you, she is NOT a runner, she also brought her 3 year old, and was clearly not ‘keen’ on the whole idea. Her exact words, “WOW, that was an epic memory, thank you so much for inviting me!”, and she proceeded to tell me the next day how much fun her and her daughter had.

The Music Run pic

With my Business Partner, most interesting woman in the world: Natalie Minh

Whether you are running for fitness, looking for something different to do, want a new family event, or way to meet new friends – The Music Run 5k is a must try and I am committing to doing every one that I can around the country.


The Post Race Party continues into the night with the psychedelic chickens


With the amazing Rina, Senior Marketing Director of 24 Hour Fitness who powered this entire event!









I am inviting you to join me! Don’t think about it, just check out the calendar, sign up – you may surprise yourself with all the positive effects it has on you – and getting into better shape is just a bonus!

#livethebeat and raising the standard on what it means to be fit!


Post Run Dancing around with new friends!


With excitement and ‘rhythm’, Amanda