The REAL Me: Up Close & Personal with Fitness RX Magazine

I don’t usually do these kinds of posts or articles, and I’m humbled and frankly a little embarrassed, but I want to share this with you and ask for your support.

I have been a HUGE fan of FitnessRx Magazine for a long time, if you haven’t read it, I think it’s an absolute MUST!  It a true no BullSh** magazine for women serious about getting into shape, owning their lives and being truly Fit, Strong and SEXY. No ‘fluffy’ easy way out articles – just the REAL deal.

So when editor in Chief, Jaime Baird reached out to feature me, my story and  my workouts I couldn’t believe it, I was and am so honored.

But – let me tell you this interview took a life of it’s OWN. It was the MOST up close and personal interview I’ve ever done. Jaime asked some tough questions, she’s a serious journalist, and knows her stuff. I was a bit nervous about this article airing – but think it’s important that I finally ‘aired my laundry’ in an interview.

I’d also be so grateful if you could pass along, share your comments and support. You see, I’d love to do an INTENSE monthly workout video series for them (and you) and your comments will determine that!

If you tweet about it – make sure to tag @arfit and @fitnessrxwomen

Without Further Adieu, here is the article AND Workout Video:

Fit Strong and Sexy’s Amanda Russell: Up Close and Personal

Thank you with all my Love,