This CRAZY Thing that is Taking my Workouts and BODY to the NEXT Level

As you may likely know if you’ve ever watched any of my workout videos or subscribed to my fitness plans – I’m not big on fancy, expensive or hard to use equipment. In fact, I RARELY use it and have been resistant to incorporate much of it in fear of enlisting ANY obstacles to YOU at home in getting FIT.

However, like anything you do often, your body becomes efficient at the same exercises and you MUST keep changing things up, so for the past few months I have incorporating this amazing new exercise tool to my routine and with my clients and the results have been incredible – not to mention how much fun it is to use.

For the very first time I’m introducing you to a piece of equipment I truly think is worth investing in – ladies and gentlemen:  The OctaSlider! Regardless of your fitness level, the OctaSlider can be incorporated into your life and help you achieve incredible results. It forces you to engage your core to gain stability adding a whole new element to your fitness. The uses of this little (and easy to travel with) tool, is that it can be used for everything from physical therapy for knees, and shoulders to dynamic training drills for elite athletes.

I personally have loved the effects it has had on my own body as well as my clients in helping to achieve muscle tone and sculpt and lean out hard to target trouble spots like the stomach and back of the arms.

So be prepared to see me incorporating this into my workouts – if there is one piece of equipment I recommend investing in right now, it is this; the Octaslider.

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Here are just a few of my new favorite exercises to get you going: 

OctaSlider Core SeaSaw

Deep core, and shoulder arm toning at its BEST!

Start in a push up position with one slider under each foot. Slowly lift your hips to slide your feet towards your hands so your body comes into an upside down ‘V’ position. Slowly lower hips back down until you are back in the ‘top of a push up’ position.

Start with 2-3 sets of 6-10 reps and work up to 3 sets of 15-20 reps.

Butt Transforming Leg Curls. 

I love these because they target the often forgotten hamstrings and cover hip extension and knee flexion—at the same time. This exercise gets deep into your core with a high degree and teaches you how to keep your butt contracted through dynamic motion. If you keep your hips elevated throughout the duration of the set, this will be quite challenging and your hamstrings and glutes will be screaming.

Lay on your back, bend your knees with one slider under each foot and left hips up off the floor. Straighten out your knees then slide feet back to align with your knees.

Repeat 2 sets of of 10-15 reps

OctaSlider Push Up Flies

The OctaSlider works to force you to rotate your hands in such a way that it allows your shoulders to move through a more natural range of motion. Beware: the chest pump will be intense. In the beginning you may want to do partial flies and work up to straightening your arms over time.

Start With: Slider Push up 1⁄2 fly : Start in a regular push up position. Place the OctaSlider under one hand. As you lower in push up position, slide your OctaSlider slightly out to the side. Pull the hand in as you push back up. Finish reps and repeat on the other side. Perform this exercise in the modified push up position to decrease difficulty. **You should feel this in your chest and shoulders.

Do 3 sets of 6 reps on each arm.

Advanced: Slider Push up fly  

Same as above except this time push both arms slightly out to the side. Pull the hands in as you push back up. You can do the modified push up position to decrease difficulty.

Do 3 sets of 10 reps.

OctaSlider Reverse Lunge 

Regular: Stand with feet together, place the ball of your left foot on the OctaSlider. Slide your left foot back; Right leg will bend at 90 ̊. Slide your left foot up to start position, pulling up with the glute of your right leg. Finish reps and switch sides. **You should feel this in your glutes and some in your quads of the stationary leg. The sliding leg is just going along for the ride. I recommend doing higher reps and lower weight – such as 3 sets of 15-20 reps.

Advanced: Reverse Lunge with weight 

Same as above except this time hold some weight – whether it’s light dumbbells, a heavy book, or filled water bottles.

Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps.

OctaSlider Mountain Climber 

Begin in the ‘top of a push up’ position, body straight, arms under shoulders, and each foot on an OctaSlider. Draw abs in and activate glutes. Slide right knee towards chest and exhale. Slide back to start. Slide left knee in towards chest and exhale. Continue to alternate between legs for remaining reps. **The faster you go, the more cardio action you get in as well.

Do 3 sets of 15 reps.

Work up to  2 Sets of 30 at a faster pace

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