The Best Exercises for a TRULY Tight and Toned Butt!

No one is destined to for permanently jiggly bums and thunderous thighs, no matter what you may thin, I assure you – you are NOT!

When it comes to fitness goals, getting a truly Tight and Toned Butt is the one I hear most often — by a wide, wide margin (pun intended).
It seems like no matter how many minutes on the Stairmaster or squats performed, attaining the ‘perfect rear-end’ seems an elusive journey. But, just look at the magical transformation Biance’s booty has gone though – it proves it IS possible and I know exactly how to help you get there. Scroll through for seven seriously effective ways to get your ass into high gear!


The Key is: It’s not about ‘one specific type of exercise’, it’s the combination of the exercises and style of training below.
Standard Squats: Yes it may sound a bit obvious but there are plenty of variations you can to keep it interesting and ALSO keep your muscles from just adapting to one exercise and not giving you the results you want. For a leaner look you want higher rep’s and lower weights, so you may want to do sets of 25-30 with some light weights or even just your body weight. If you have a flat bum are looking to build muscle and get more of a POP, go for higher weights and lower rep’s.
*For all of these make sure you get down into a deep squat and that you are balancing back on your heels and not your toes.
• Get Breathless: Plyometrics are awesome explosive exercises because they tap into those fast twitch muscle fibers. So add a jump and make yourself breathless fast. squat jumps, bounding, box hops at various heights, all those good things.
CLIMB: Stair climbing is great and so is running hills. Play around with doing hill repeats and go for different distances; do shorter quick bursts that are more like sprints one time and then find a longer hill that gets you climbing for a few minutes at a time.
Squat Kicks: Taking the squat idea and making it more dynamic, go down into a squatting position and then on your way up lift your right leg up and into a forward kick. Lower back to the squat and then go up with a left leg kick. Do this faster and get your heart pumping at the same time.
Donkey Kicks: This one you’ll get down on the ground on your hands and knees; lift your left leg up until it is even with your bum and bent at the knee, now kick it up towards the ceiling and do some sets of 15, repeat with the other leg. You can also make this harder by getting into a plank position first and then doing the donkey kicks.
• Isometrics: Holding a squatting position is another modification; get into a deep squat and hold yourself there, balancing on your heels, for 30-45 seconds and do that 2-3 times. Make it harder by holding weights. For people with back trouble you may want to find a wall and a big fitness ball; wedge the ball between the wall and your back and then lower into your squat.

Choose Your Cardio Accordingly: For this one, if you’ve got the choice between say a rowing machine or a treadmill opt for the latter. Do leg heavier cardio and you’ll be killing two birds with one stone…or rather two cheeks with one exercise. 😉 But you don’t need a machine, there a zillions of amazing other ways to get your cardio in!

There are TONS of ways to get your butt the way you like and these are some top picks.
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