Toned Sexy Arms Workout!


Ladies (and of course gentlemen)—we are going to get sleek, sexy, sculpted arms in time for summer! A workout like this is going to make a simple t-shirt one of the sexiest things you can put on.

So go ahead, find your ‘little white t-shirt’ and rock it!

We are focusing on tightening and toning up your entire core, arms and shoulders! Just remember, you’re beautiful (or handsome) no matter what you put on!

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What you need:

  • One Set of light-to-medium dumbells


The Workout

This is an arms pyramid workout.

A total of 5 Rounds through this cycle, decreasing by 2 reps per cycle – starting with 10 reps


The Cycle

• Bicep Curls – lean back on knees
• Push-Up
• Reading the Newspaper (dumbbells in each hand, open up)
• Lean Forward – tricep kick backs
• Dolphin Push Up with knee touch each side


Done? Time? Record it for yourself and if you’re brave, tweet it to me at @FitStrongSexy!

Let me know which move had you feeling the burn below!

Remember to track how long it takes you to complete each workout then focus on beating your time!

With every Workout you will be that much closer to achieving your goals. I will always coach you through the workout, so raise the standard on your level of FITNESS and give it EVERYTHING!



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