Too Busy? What does that REALLY Mean? My thoughts May Surprise You…

We are ALL BUSY – I get it… too many things on our plate, not enough time in the day, ‘swamped’, ‘crazed’, blah blah blah….

I actually had this conversation with a good girlfriend of mine from New York City and wanted to share it (note this girlfriend is the CEO of a large global corporation – who travels around 20 days a month, she could easily be considered ‘busy’).
But I wanted to share our conversation with you, as we talked about how interesting (annoying, frustrating, ironic etc)  it is that people tend use  ‘busy’ as a badge of honor. In fact, it is the most common excuse for not following up (or following through) on everything, from email to phone calls to projects. How many times does a friend, colleague, acquaintances take forever to respond (if at all) and tell you how sorry they are but they have just been so ‘busy’?

Let me shed some perspective here: saying you are too busy could be one of the biggest most blunt personal insults. What it means essentially is that you are too busy to make time for that particular person, project, thing.We all have 24 hours in a day and we choose how to allocate that time.

In fact, it is the ‘busiest’ most ‘successful’ people I know that seem to always be on top of responding, following through on things, meeting deadlines, getting their workouts in, and more – see the correlation?
And don’t get me wrong, we can’t do everything all the time, we MUST prioritize, but it takes less than 10 seconds to send a simple email saying: I have received your note, idea, project, opportunity, date invite (etc), and am working on XYZ at the moment but will follow up on this in the next week (2, 3 or 4 weeks). Or simply say NO, but have the decency to follow up, respond – trust me, it goes a long way and says a lot about you. You never know what will come in the future and people remember things.

So apologies for my rant, but If I hear one more person tote the damn ‘busy badge’ as an excuse for a delay or not following through on something I may throw up. PLEASE, get over yourself!

Now on that note, I can breath a sigh of relief for having gotten that off myself – now I must go and spend my allocated time enjoying a delicious almond milk latte and responding to emails ☺

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