Tough Backyard Workout: #CHALLENGEYOURSELF

“Look in the mirror, that’s your competition”


Love this quote, and perfect for today’s workout which is a Total Body Cardio/Strength Interval Workout you can do ANYWHERE! I’m talking backyard, front yard, park, dock, boardwalk, you name it!

What you Need:

Resistance Band or light set of dumbbells


The Workout

50 Seconds Each

1. One Leg Mountain Climbers
2. Hold Weight Crunch Ups
3. Power Knee Ups
4. Forearm Reptiles
5. Resistance Band Thigh Outs
6. Front Arm Raises
7. Plank w Alternating Leg lifts
8. Boat Pose (legs wide legs closed)


Once you make the decision to commit, and to do these workouts with intensity, you will quickly see how your life and body can change for the better!

You know what to do, you do it, you make it counts and you become your best YOU!!


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