You Can’t Improve if you Can’t Measure

I don’t know about you, but the sheer OVERLOAD of digital applications, tracking devices, programs, etc. in the world of health/fitness are downright overwhelming. I have tested and tried many, and rarely do they ‘stick.’ Why? Too much effort to get them integrated with your life, time consuming, inaccurate, abstract….you get the idea. Sounds hypocritical given what I do, right? Stay with me here, I’m all about maximizing results in the most efficient way possible.

fitbit aria

I am a firm believer that tracking progress is the key to success in fitness, weight loss, and well, most goals in life. If you don’t know where you’re starting, how do you know where you’re going and if you’re making progress.

While you may feel that even thinking about ‘tracking progress’ during the holiday season is a buzzkill, I’m telling you, there is NO BETTER time and it will only ENHANCE the holiday season.

TRACK your way through the holidays and you really can’t just ‘fall off the wagon’ if you see yourself sliding. Come Jan 1, you will be in MUCH better spirits (and pants size) to kick off the year.

No this does NOT mean forgoing parties, pleasures of the season and spending hours working out – in fact, it allows you to do so guilt free.


How is this possible? I know I say this all the time and it’s a guiding instruction in the FSS Fitness Plan, but I feel the need to remind myself too: TRACK PROGRESS.

If you are like me and have trouble plugging in information each day, or staying accountable, it is worth trying ‘technology.’ But, if you’re like me, you need it to be seamless and hassle free, so this year I’m recommending the Fitbit Aria, which is a ‘smart wifi scale.’ Not only does it measure your weight and body fat percentage, but when connected with your Fitbit, it tracks your daily activity and gives you notifications (even badges) as you hit different milestones. Your personal statistics automatically plug into your tracker when you step on the scale each day, so there is no time spent ‘inputting’ and no room for error.

By knowing where you’re at in real time, you simply can’t fall off the wagon without knowing you are sliding down.


So, here’s my challenge and I want you to join me: rather than waiting for the New Year to ‘get fit,’ lose weight, start fresh, etc. Give yourself a head start by tracking where you are now and keeping ‘up to date’ on yourself. (Plus I have created the perfect Hot-for-the-Holidays Workout Series to keep you active no matter how busy you are.)

Whatever your thoughts may be, or whether you’re hesitant– I am serious about TRACKING your progress. People complain about finding motivation; I’m telling you if you track your progress, whether it’s via DIY measurements, performance goals or a tracking device such as the Fitbit Aria, I guarantee you will reach wherever you are trying to go, and get there much more efficiently!


Cheers to TRACKING your Way through the Holiday Season!!


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My gift to you!!


And if you’re feeling extra giving? Keep me updated on your tracking results!!

How are you going about it? Let me know and hashtag #findyourfit so I can respond!




Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Fitbit through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Fitbit, all opinions are my own.