Treating Myself at the Hotel Jerome

As you may (or may not know), I’ve been spending a lot of my summer (in between trips back and forth to LA and NYC) in Aspen, Colorado, and loving working with the Aspen Morning show and my All-Americana and oh so charismatic co-host Oliver Sharpe.

From New York....

From New York….


To LA….and all the in between!


…to breathtaking Aspen….


It has been epically beautifully here. There is something about the feeing, the air, the EVERYTHING that literally puts a magical spell over you and takes you to a world far away from your worries (or maybe it’s the altitude)? Seriously, I have been having a ball, and can now understand why it is the playground of choice for the very rich and very famous. I have pictures below but they really don’t do justice…

 We have been enjoying covering all kinds of Aspen highlights from the Red Carpet of the Iconic Food and Wine Festival, to the IDEAS Festival, the theatre, the music, the hiking, biking and fresh markets and SO MUCH MORE!


The lounge/library (amazing place to work and read)


what spa is complete without a pool!


Amazing treatment followed by incredible dinner on the patio


But this week I wanted to tell you about my new favorite place in Aspen: The Hotel Jerome! A magnificent hotel that underwent a massive renovation and reopened right on Main St Aspen as a premier 5 Star luxury boutique hotel. But this is no regular luxury hotel, it literally feels as though you have stepped back in time (which is so fitting since all of Aspen tends to feel that way, almost like living in the Sound of Music).

I love everything from their incredible garden courtyard where you can sip afternoon tea and dine al-fresco to their light-flooded sunroom for reading, their library with a stunning roaring fire, and so much more. I have been frequenting the Jerome since I started coming to Aspen in the winter, but this week I tried their spa for the first time.

THIS is notable! Why? I am going to admit this; I’m a massage junkie! I work my body into overdrive and literally rely on weekly massage therapy to keep me in motion and to de-stress. That being said, I’ve been to a million spas and therapists all over the world, so my standards are pretty high. I love strong deep tissue work with a therapist who has an acute knowledge of the body mechanics, and this does not necessarily have to be an expensive luxury spa, I’ve had some of the best work at Walk-In no frills ‘by-the-minute’ specials, Chinatown, you name it. However, sometimes there is something about going to a fancy spa, that is a total indulgent experience and worth every penny. The Jerome reminded me of that.

images-12My dressing room….

Not only is the setting picturesque, but let me tell you how I really maximized the experience (and you can too). I came early and sat in the garden with a very well made espresso and my computer where I peacefully caught up on email (and yes the free Wi-Fi IS a perk, incredible that in this day and age, even 5-Star hotels will charge you for internet)! I then made my way to the storybook setting in the spa where I was greeted by the most thoughtful and caring staff – they instantly scooped me up, showed me to my changing room, equipped me with a plush robe, slippers and all the most incredible smelling toiletries’ I could have imagined. I was invited to steam shower, have tea, read in the lounge or do whatever my heart contented.

I chose to have tea and read after using all the fun facial scrubs, masks, you name it.


Now the BEST part: the MASSAGE! As I said I get them all the time, but in my experience, fancy spas usually lack in a good therapist (I’m not much into the usual ‘Swedish routine’). Well not this time! Paul, a veteran therapist with 30 years of experience worked every muscle with precision, strength and sincere knowledge of my body and what I needed. I finished in a total trance, which lingered on for the evening.

Not only did I have the best sleep of my life, but  I actually slept IN the next morning and decided to let my body totally recover from all the overwork I had led it into.

NEVER have I ever written so intimately about a massage experience, but it occurred to me, WHY NOT?  I’m always looking for a good experience and appreciate hearing those of others.

So I encourage you to take some time out for yourself this week. Splurge on yourself, what a good massage can do for your body and state of mind is priceless.


And I’d love to hear the best spas and therapists in YOUR locales or travels! I’m always looking for the next place to try. Post your favorites below.

And remember a good massage feels even better after you’ve worked your body, moved it, pushed it – so keep it up.

Us FSS girls ARE raising the Standard on what is means to be Fit!