Ultimate Cardio Abs Fat Blast Workout

Ultimate Cardio Abs Fat Blast Workout

Get ready for this feisty, fat-burning, abdominal workout that combines plyometric, cardio, and strength-building exercises to get at your maximum burn, melt fat and sculpt and tighten your body to a whole new level!

Ladies, I have to tell you, great abs are like a fussy child, for them to show up and sculpt up, it’s the right combination of diet AND workouts that do not simply consist of crunches. To really show off the abs you have to mix high intensity cardio intervals to burn off that ‘spare tire’ layer that is insulating those abs.

I like to get maximum bang for my exercise buck by alternating cardio interval with a bodyweight strength exercise.

Afterall, there is no way to ‘target on specific body part’, you need to work the whole body to blast that extra layer SEE all your hard work!


What you Need:

Light-to medium dumbbells

Interval Timer (I recommend ordering Gymboss Timer unless you are doing this with me in real time)

Yoga Mat or Soft Surface



60 Seconds Each exercise with 10-15 seconds of recovery between exercises


Ready, set, SEXY SWEAT!


embed video here


Which exercise challenged you the most? Let me know in the comments below!


Your Coach and FSS Sister,


Amanda Russell