Ultimate Summer Workout – No Equipment!

It’s HERE! Your ultimate summer workout READY!

No matter your fitness level you need to do this!

I EVEN filmed it on the beach (in sunny Santa Monica), so no matter WHERE you are, you can feel like you have a taste of summer and beach). Is that not enough to put a smile on your face?

Also I have a special guest, the host, Kelly Mumme from Vital Updates LA, doing this workout with me, and my god, she kicked serious butt, and provides for some good entertainment

It’s quick, no equipment, and sure to give you the mega burn without the pounding impact!

This is a workout you need to bookmark and add to your playlist!

Watch it HERE! And don’t forget to leave a comment below the video! I love reading and responding!
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Life is too short to spend it hiding.
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~Raising the Standard on what it means to be FIT!
p.s. it’s also amazing how much more fun life becomes when you feel confident and PROUD in your body!