Stretch Band Stretch for Arms

It’s no secret that being on our phones and in front of computers all day long is damaging to our back and posture! In this video, I will help improve the problem of bad posture and back pain by using one fitness product…and that is stretch exercise bands! 

Stretch exercises bands are an extremely popular item to have on hand for how versatile they are to use, not to mention, they are practically weightless and can be taken anywhere. Not only are they great for exercising, but they also come highly recommended by physical therapists and trainers as a tool to use every day to tone, strengthen muscle, improve flexibility, and improve posture.  

The set I’m using comes in a pack of 3- light, medium, and heavy. Feel free to start with the lightest band and work your way up with practice. The 2 exercises shown below are a great technique that helps with posture and overall back and shoulder pain, so watch the video below and give it a try! 

Equipment + Overview


Breakdown //

1. Squeeze out 

Step 1 // Hold stretch band in front of you with ends in each hand.  

Step 2 // Stretch band while opening forearms out to the side, keeping elbows at side in 90 degree angle and squeezing shoulder blades. 

2. Tricep pull up 

Step 1 // Hold one end of stretch band in one hand, bringing elbow up towards sky. 

Step 2 // With other hand behind you and stretch band in hand, pull band down. You will also feel this in your triceps if done correctly.  

Step 3 // Switch hands and repeat.  

This is a great stretching routine to do several times a day (8-10 reps recommended to start). Keep these bands at your desk to do a mid-day stretch break and keep your posture in check! 

When it comes to working out, good posture and proper form are much more important. Be sure to focus more on your form and your body will react positively to it over the long run! 

Inspire Yourself,