Best At-Home Butt & Leg Workout of 2015

Best At-Home Butt & Leg Workout

Time to lift that butt and tone those legs! Forget the endless miles on the treadmill, if you aren’t doing quality strength/resistance exercises, your legs aren’t going to reflect the work you’re putting in.

Legs and butt are one thing I LOVE to talk about because it is an area that is directly affected by the type of exercise you do!

So if you want great legs, here you go:

What you Need:

If you do the real time workout with me, I do the timing for you.
If you are doing it on your own, you will need a stopwatch or interval timer like this.
No other equipment needed except your ENERGY!

The Workout

• 20 seconds jumping jacks
• 1 min Spiders
• 1 min jumping jack squat
• 1 min full body squats
• 1 min lunge pulses (30 seconds each side)
• Hip Thrusts
• 30 sec jump squat
• 1 min Curtsy Lunge (side to side)
• 30 sec jump squat
• 1 min curtsy
• 10 lunge jumps each side
• 1 min Oblique Reptiles
• 1 min skaters to finish (touch floor each side)

Are your buns-a-burning? They BETTER Be!

Bottom line: There is no ONE workout on the planet that will, in itself, achieve the bikini body of your dreams. You have to be consistent, mix up your workouts, have a goal-oriented plan, its time:

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